One link network updates 2020-4-25

Hello friends,
As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, it seems that the entire world has come to a halt. Shopping malls, street shops and large and small industries alike: are all closed. We as a people have to admit: we don’t have all the answers. We don’t know when everything will be normal again and how to deal with the looming economic recession.
In these difficult times, we need a strong solution. Governments have implemented stringent measures such as social distancing in the interest of public health. In this situation, the only way to stay productive is to work remotely through online services and social media. In this reality, our company brings an opportunity for you to participate in a social economy revolution.

OneLink Network, which was pre- launching market on 15/04/2020, is driven by a focused and strong management team. OneLink Network is a marketing ecosystem where you will get a chance to work with the world’s most successful leaders, gaining knowledge through their expertise along the way. OneLink’s development is driven by a strong AI IT application team that has experience creating cutting edge systems.

One vision of OneLink network is to connect people through a powerful social ecosystem that leverages user identity with the OnePassport application. OnePassport and OLX Social Ecosystem are built on a leading edge blockchain system where you can take your business, services, and your skills to new heights.

It is our promise and vision to connect you to each other through the OnePassport application.